Episode #48: Unknown Coach Hires Assistants

Super Bowl week has arrived and Erik and Joe begin to talk about what the Lions need to do to get there someday…

  • Even though the team does not have a head coach three new position coaches were added (QBs George Godsey, OL Jeff Davidson and DBs Brian Stewart)
  • Erik talks about an unconfirmed rumor of Chris White potentially becoming the TE coach (thus moving Al Golden somewhere else)
  • Scott Bischoff penned a Lions only mock draft for NDT scouting and Erik wrote an article breaking it down
  • Lance Zierlein posted a full first round mock draft for NFL.com and Joe and Erik look at the highlights and lowlights
  • The Lions publicly met with 13 players at the Senior Bowl
  • The questions on the top of the mailbag concerned the new “unknown head coach”
  • The second set of questions concerns the scheme. Erik mentions an article he wrote a while back talking about the role of the Money Linebacker
  • The third set of questions is about the offseason
  • Finally, Erik and Joe discuss many topics of the serious football type and the not-so-serious type
  • Thanks to Go Dutch and Hamza for the great reviews

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