Episode #49: Tied at the Hip

The Lions finally announced Matt Patricia as their new head coach. Also, after signing him to a 5-year deal they extended GM Bob Quinn until 2022 as well. Speaking of duos with longevity Erik and Joe have¬†officially kicked off their second season of podcasting…

  • It is unknown how much Patricia will make, but Erik takes a stab at it
  • Joe and Erik do a full rundown of the Lions coaching staff
  • This week’s mock draft that is reviewed is from Nate Atkins at MLive
  • The mailbag once again is filled with questions regarding the future schemes of the Offensive Line and Defensive Lines
  • There was also a mention of Erik’s great work on his positional breakdown articles… QB, RB, WR, TE, OT
  • The next batch of questions surrounds what Erik is looking forward to for the combine and the draft
  • Finally, Erik and Joe discuss what Lion starters on offense and defense would start for the majority of teams in the league
  • Thanks to Scott Bates and Encinitas Kevin for the great reviews and to the other 2 folks for the anonymous ones

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