Episode #56: 2018 Draft Preview – Offense

The draft is only 15 days away and all is quiet on the Lions front. The team has hunkered down and is preparing for the draft…

  • The Lion began offseason workouts this week (Ziggy is the only Lion not in attendance)
  • Emmit Cleary has retired
  • TJ Jones has signed his RFA tender
  • Joe learns about The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Trophy and has his mind blown
  • Erik and Joe take a look at mock drafts by Mel Kiper and the combo of Josh Norris and Evan Silva and Erik hates both drafts
  • The QIB of all draftable players is investigatedĀ for all positions on offense
  • A breakdown of the QIB system can be found here
  • The mailbag is sifted through for only offense related questions
  • Thanks to Saint Stafford and StevieO for theirĀ 5-star reviews!

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