Episode #61: 2018 OTAs

Organized Team Activities began this week at Allen Park. Guess who is not invited? The media. This week Erik and Joe discuss the beginning of OTAs and a bunch of other assorted Lions business.

  • The team signed WR Chris Lacy and JACK Trevor Bates (Full QIB)
  • They released CB Josh Okonye and TE Deandre Goolsby
  • OTAs have only started with only photos released
  • Erik and Joe discuss the new National Anthem policy
  • A very short return to the Rod Wood-Shed
  • The mailbag includes a breakdown of the new kickoff rules and contract hits and misses
  • A discussion session wraps up the week with topics ranging from Quinns best and worst moves to homegrown Lions
  • A special thanks to 5-star reviewers Roland and Restore Da Roar

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