Episode #67: Goodbye Brandstatter

No big news in the player personnel department this week, but a big move was made in the broadcast booth as Jim Brandstatter learned that he is not in the Lions future plans. He will be replaced by Lomas Brown this upcoming season. Erik and Joe talk about that and a myriad of other topics.

  • The Lions did not make any selections in the Supplemental Draft on Wednesday
  • Marvin Lewis and Teo Redding are training together
  • The Flag Football League on the NFL Network
  • Kris Durham has surfaced in Italy
  • Daryl Rogers has passed away
  • What are the consequences of an improved running game?
  • What if the Lions never picked up Ebrons¬†option?
  • Are there future big stars on this team?
  • Will the Lions sign veteran free agents cut by other teams during camp?
  • Who were the best Lions duos?
  • Check out Erik’s articles from the past week
  • Special thanks to J M Lewis 5213 for the 5-star review!

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One Reply to “Episode #67: Goodbye Brandstatter”

  1. Enjoyed the podcast… My first one where my question was included..that too the 1st one!
    But that apart, I really liked that you guys take each question seriously, make an honest attempt to answer to best of your abilities and research (that shows) and best part is you are not rushing through it to include more and more. Informative, educative and entertaining.. Keep it up guys!

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