Episode #13: Putting Cover Sheets on our OTA Reports

OTAs were in full swing this week, Erik and Joe talk about all that, say goodbye to another Lions great and dip back into the mailbag…

  • Happy retirement to Detroit Lions Radio
  • Sad to hear news of Wayne Walkers passing
  • Disgruntled Calvin Johnson
  • The rules changes for 2017, Joe Fauria must be displeased he’s no longer in the league
  • In OTAs…
    • Ameer Abdullah is now participating with contact
    • A battle is raging for the last 3 WR spots
    • Eric Ebron is showing Michael Roberts the ropes
    • Graham Glasgow is taking all snaps at LG
    • Jarrad Davis is hogging all the snaps in the middle
    • Jalen Tabor just wants for us to see him play
    • Alex Carter is moving to safety
  • Interesting nerdy information about draft retention rates
  • A few questions from the mailbag
  • A trip down memory lane to 2006

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Episode #12: Goodbye Yale Lary

The Lions will be making some noise next week at the league meetings, Erik and Joe squeeze out some news and notes and check the mail…

  • Lion Hall of Famer Yale Lary passes away at 86
  • Joe is pleased that LaGarrette Blount has signed with the Eagles
  • Huge Sam Martin news!
  • Talk about extensions for Ebron and Stafford (Again)
  • Two impending rule changes
  • Erik and Joe take their 4th trip to the Rod Wood-shed
    • “Taste of the Lions”
    • Uniforms
    • NFL Draft in Detroit
    • Super Bowl bidding
  • They wrap it up by digging into the mailbag

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Episode #11: For Better, or Worse

A quiet week in Lions land, but there was still a lot for Erik and Joe to talk about…

  • A special thanks to Scott and Brock for giving us 5 star reviews on the Podcasts App!!
  • The Lions are already making cuts and keeping the roster under 90
  • Unsurprising Matthew Stafford contract extension talk
  • A sasquatch-like sighting of LaGarrette Blount at Metro Airport
  • Blount was May 9th tendered by the Pats, whatever that means
  • Jarrad Davis makes a way too early All-Rookie team
  • Gambling spreads and early season win-loss predictions
  • Are the Lions the team to supplant the Packers in the NFC North
  • Erik takes a look at the current roster vs. the one that took the field in Seattle and if the Lions are better or worse than they were 4 months ago
  • We wrap the show with some ancient personal history talk and thoughts on how to structure a Madden roster

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Episode #10: My Friends Call Me “Teez”

To no surprise of football fans the draft was last week, which has resulted in our longest podcast to date…

  • Eric Ebrons 5th year option was picked up
  • The Lions and Giants have interest in LaGarette Blount much to Joe’s dismay
  • Former Viking Matt Asiata will be participating in rookie mini-camp
  • Senior “Fake Generic Title” Brian Xanders leaves the Lions after 4 years of service
  • More Matt talk, this time about Matthew Stafford’s contract extension
  • Joe tackles some Lions trivia
  • Erik breaks down every Lions draft pick from Jarrad Davis to Pat O’Conner, explaining all their QIB failings in between
  • 13 undrafted free agents were all signed and Erik talks about how they fit in with the Lions

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Episode #9: Heading to the Draft Launchpad

The draft starts this Thursday 4/28/17.  There is a lot to cover in this episode with the back seven on defense to be evaluated…

  • Reactions to the new uniforms
  • A quick look at the 2017 schedule
  • Matthew Stafford contract extension talk
  • Joe vs. the Mini-Taco Charltons (the Mini-Ditkas would beat us both)
  • The top QIB qualifiers at LB, Erik’s LB article
  • The top QIB qualifiers at CB, Erik’s CB article
  • The top QIB qualifiers at S, Erik’s S article will drop early this week

Up Next: Reactions to the Draft

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Episode #8: Grading the Beef

The draft is now only 3 episodes (14 days) away.  The USDA busy so Erik will do the evaluating of Defensive Line prospects in this episode…

  • Titus Young is headed to prison
  • Erik quizzes Joe on the Final 4 of the Lions Combine of Sorrow
  • Four former college WRs visit Allen Park
  • More David Njoku talk
  • The Lions will unveil their new uniforms
  • Top QIB qualifiers at DT (Erik will have an article up 4/14/17)
  • Will the Lions favor a bigger closed DE or will they go for someone more svelte

Up Next: Linebackers and the Secondary

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Episode #7: Dutch Clark’s Favorite Podcast

The draft is now only 4 episodes (22 days) away.  Erik and Joe will spout out their thoughts and feelings about…

  • Richard Shermans availability
  • A new Lion via Mt. Pleasant
  • The surprising exit of Gunther Cunningham
  • Reactions to Daniel Jeremiah’s latest Mock Draft
  • Potential Lions at TE (hopefully not David Njoku) and their QIB
  • WR fits (likely no targets in the first round)
  • Tony Romo’s retirement plans (They don’t include Phil Simms)

Next week our focus will switch to the defense

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Episode #6: And then… There was QIB

The draft is only 5 episodes (29 days) away.  In this episode Erik rolls out the QIB (Quinn Influenced Benchmark) system.

  • What are the Quinn Influenced Benchmarks for Running Backs
  • Who fits those benchmarks in the early and late rounds
  • There are fewer QIB qualifying scores for Offensive Linemen, who fits currently on Lions?
  • What Offensive Linemen might the Lions target late in the draft?
  • We look at SI’s latest Mock Draft Version 9.0
  • We once again travel to the Rod Wood-shed and listen to the requests he made at the owners meetings.

We will be covering all of the other position groups in the ensuing weeks leading up to the draft.

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Episode #5: Mailbag Time

Its only episode 5 and we’re already doing a mailbag episode. A special thanks goes out to everyone that submitted us a question.

  • What are the Lions draft needs?
  • What does the Lions Draft Board look like?
  • Who does Erik like besides Haason Reddick?
  • Obi Melifonwu? (not a typo)
  • What are the chances of seeing the Lions make a trade in the first round?
  • When might the Lions take a running back?
  • Why do the Lions even consider taking a player with perceived “motor” issues?
  • Who do we see starting right away after drafting them?
  • Why not draft a DE? (Especially when they are so expensive in FA)

It was great getting all the questions and we will definitely do this again.  If anything ever pops into your mind that you might want to hear us talk about, send us a tweet anytime.

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Episode #4: 4th and Lang

Due to a natural disaster we have missed 2 weeks of free agency. We catch up this week chatting about these additions…

  • Keshawn Martin (the man whose punt return never counted)
  • Former journeyman pro basketball player Darren Fells
  • Direct benefactor of Martin’s nullified punt return Rick Wagner
  • Hippo Hot Dogs Hall of Famer T.J. Lang
  • Potential Ngata successor Akeem Spence
  • Rotational DE Cornelius Washington
  • Future starter Paul Worrilow
  • Not Logan Ryan

We wrote this two weeks ago and we nailed it, “We expect the Lions to spend heavily on the Offensive Line, Blocking TE, Linebacker and Corner and mostly address the other needs in the draft.”

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