Episode #232: NFL Draft Mailbag

This week on the podcast, the guys discuss the upcoming 2022 NFL draft by diving into the listener’s mailbag of questions.

Topics on this week’s show include:

  • Current player roles, specifically in the new defensive scheme
  • Jared Goff’s floor and what it would take to become the Lions’ QB of the future
  • Trade possibilities for picks No. 2 and No. 32
  • Are the Lions likely to take a QB? If so, when?
  • How much of a need is running back?
  • When and who should the Lions target at wide receiver?
  • When is the earliest the Lions could add TE2?
  • How quickly will the Lions address their biggest needs?
  • Ranking the edge rushers
  • What style of defensive linemen are the Lions looking for?
  • What are the Lions least talked about needs, yet should be addressed in the draft?
  • Will the Lions double up on defensive linemen?
  • Is cornerback a priority or something the team can ignore?
  • How and when will the Lions address safety? Favorite targets?
  • Roster construction
  • Are there any more free agent targets ahead of the draft?
  • How much screen time will Erik get on Hard Knocks?

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